Developing and Sharing Adults’ Language Teachers´ (e)Skills


The Strategical Partnership “Developing and Sharing Adults’ Language Teachers´ (e)Skills” has a of duration of 18 months with the aim to exchange good practices.

The main objectives of the Strategic Partnership are Teachers´ Development through Exchange of Good Practices with the help of four International Training Courses carried out in all participating countries: Digital skills as an integrated part of curriculum in theory and practice; Creation of Erasmus+ Teachers Development Course by each partner organization; Intercultural Dialogue between the participating countries from Nord and South; and Internationalization of Adult Education in the field of language learning is one important objective of our project.

The expected outcomes of the Strategic Partnership are a Teachers´ Development with Digital and Distance Teaching Skills and Language Methodology, a collection of Guidelines of the most important online resources to use for language teachers to make distance language teaching more effective, an Erasmus+ Teachers’ Development Course for each institution, and the development of curriculum in theory and practice.

At the local, regional and national level it is expected to have opportunities of working together and sharing ideas and experiences, improving on ICT and foreign language skills, while promoting the quality of Education and providing educational development with the participating institutions in Europe. Aiming to involve the European dimension to Education while learning multicultural diversity, learning the International and global cultural values, providing opportunity of equality, and compare the different educational systems.
At European and International level, it is expected to raise awareness of multicultural shape of Europe.