Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Estepa

The Official Language School Estepa provides young adults, adults and trainers with specialized teaching in languages. It is part of the state-run school’s network in Andalusia and Spain and its scope of action extends beyond the town of Estepa and its area. The school teaches English up to level C1 and French up to level B2.

It is made up of eight teachers and more than 400 students from the Sierra Sur region, a rural area who lives on agriculture and food manufacturing industry (cakes and olive oil). We also co unt on administrative staff dependent on public service.

We offer face-to-face tuition twice a week (2-hour-sessions) of General English and French for the general public, Refresher Language Courses for CLIL teachers (only in English), and Blended learning courses where students attend lessons once a week and follow the rest of the course through an online platform supported by the regional educational board.
The management board at school has been trained in Erasmus+ Dissemination Sessions (2017) and First Steps towards Erasmus+ KA2 in Adult Education Learning and Language Teaching (2018). In November 2019 all our teachers were trained in a session on Erasmus +KA1 Action. All this training has resulted in the implementation of two Erasmus+ projects: the KA 104 project “Facing the new challenges in language teaching for adults” whereby we mean to face the new challenges our education sector is going through, such as teaching the most advanced levels (C2 in English and C1 in French) and boosting our students’ motivation so that they will not quit their studies, and the KA 204 project “Developing and Sharing Adults Language Teaching (e)skills”, aimed at improving language teaching in the field of Adults learning.

“LatInSoft” Training center

“LatInSoft” Training center is the educational services department within a private company LatInSoft SIA. “LatInSoft” Training center is an educational establishment, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. “LatInSoft” Training center specializes in providing vocational education and training courses in accounting, languages, IT, and service management.

Under “Learn Russian in the European Union” trademark, “LatInSoft” Training center provides a range of feature-rich Russian study abroad programs for foreigners. These programs cover all proficiency levels and can be amended with modules on Russian literature, culture, history, political science, international relations, and STEM, provided in cooperation with Daugavpils University.

“Learn Russian in the European Union” works in Daugavpils, the second largest city of Latvia, a unique Russian language enclave and the most Russian speaking city in the European Union.

Multilingua Language Center

Multilingua Language Center has provided language courses for adults since 1994. Today, we are the largest private language school for adult language learners in Estonia. Learning at our courses is flexible, in small groups, in a pleasant atmosphere and in a comfortable location in the center of Tallinn.

At Multilingua you can learn 20 languages guided by 100 highly rated language teachers. Our main focus is on quality of teaching, which means the best teachers, material and methodology. We believe in investing in our teaching staff and their professional development through internal training and supervision at Multilingua as well as through European projects. To offer our language learners high-quality and up-to-date language lessons we need to improve our teachers.

Multilingua is active in the international cooperation and experienced with Erasmus+ and Nordplus projects. 2016-2020 we have been involved in 5 Erasmus+ Mobility Projects called Multilingua´s Contemporary Teacher. Additionally, 2019 Multilingua has started to offer Erasmus+ Teachers´ Development Courses: Teaching Methodology of Russian language, Integration of Coaching into Teaching and What Lies Behind our Excellent PISA Results.
Our professional teachers are open-minded lifelong-learners who are eager to develop themselves. We see the international cooperation as an excellent opportunity to share the best practices with European colleagues and learn new skills.

Our moto is “The world is waiting, talk to it!”

Lusófona University

ULHT, recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in 1998, is the largest private university in Portugal and integrates 10 higher education institutions in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea ¬Bissau. In the project ULHT participates with the Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies (CICANT), from the School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Information Technologies (ECATI) and with the Translation and Languages Office (GTL) ECATI combines graduate and advanced training, research and services provision to the community, with the promotion of cultural and scientific activities in connection with civil society. The highly flexible, rigorous and integrated research strategy of ECATI aims to prepare students to respond creatively to the challenges of the information and knowledge society. CICANT promotes theoretical and applied research on all its subject areas: New Media and New Technologies, Organizational Communication, Arts and Visual Culture and Cultural and Media Studies. The centre gives focus to knowledge transfer and exchange with industry and similar centers in Portugal and in Europe at the cross of media, arts, culture and technologies. GTL provides high¬ quality translation services from and to a wide variety of languages. GTL has also collaborated with Research Centres and contributes to Lusófona’s international prominence in a broad spectrum of scientific areas, namely, economics and management, law, social and human sciences, communication and marketing, health sciences, among others. The language courses offered at GTL represent a multicultural opportunity to all those who are interested in learning a new language.